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  1. Renae dedi ki:

    I still recall when I first srtated looking for schools to train at I would go to a place that had “KARATE” above the door. I’d ask, “what style of karate do you teach?” I ended up enrolling at the school that answered the question more or less accurately. When you are a non-trained person and you have to explain to the black belt you’re talking to what you mean by “what style do you teach?” then that is not a school that teaches The Way.As I’ve progressed in my training I’ve just sort of stopped associating karate with it’s origin, instead focusing on the meaning of the word. When I hear someone say “I know karate” I just sort of hear, “I know a foreign language.” It’s only after they specify TKD or Shuri-te or Krav Maga or whatever that I hear “I speak Korean or Japanese or Hebrew.”Just my $.02

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