Babolat Nadal Tenis Raketi

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  1. Olya dedi ki:

    What you described is what any tnenis shoe is made for. They’re all going to give you good support for side to side movement, and have good traction for changing direction quickly.The biggest thing with tnenis shoes is comfort. What fits your foot best? And this won’t be the same from person to person. The other big thing is durability. If you wear down the outsoles quickly (from dragging your toe or sliding), you might want to get a shoe made to be more durable. This will usually come at a slight sacrifice in weight, as the thicker outsole will make the shoes a bit heavier.So yeah all the shoes you listed are quite popular shoes. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know what you’ll like best because nobody’s foot is going to be quite the same as yours.

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