Adidas Microlight Karate Kol Koruyucu

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  1. Rawad dedi ki:

    There is no Easy Martial Arts discipline to learn; it all takes a lot of time and foefrt to learn it, not to mention a lot of trial and error, and even after attaining Blackbelt Status, you’ll never master everything Martial Arts has to offer. it’s just like learning to walk a totally different way from the way you walk now.what you have to do is find a discipline that fits the criteria for what you want to get out of it, and whether or not you feel comfortable with the instructor(s) and their teaching style.and no 17 is not too late to start learning a Martial Art. Though now is the time when you should put more emphasis and focus on what kinda secondary education you wanna go for (ie college or community colleges you want to go to.) when you graduate High school (I’m assuming of course that you are in high school and not a parent asking about enrolling a 17yr old in a MA class)As yupchagee said, he started in his 40 s and is an instructor now, and several people even older than that are taking up Martial Arts. I knew a guy who was well into his 50 s when he began Martial Arts and accomplished quite a bit.

  2. hüdaverdi dedi ki:

    ya ben satın almak ıstıyorum musabakama az kaldı nereden ıletısım kurabılırım sızınle?

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